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Return on Relationship, inc. provides clients with vetted prospects and partners to boost your company’s bottom line. We strategically focus on cash while providing you with an outside, fractional C-level partner that allows you to focus on the demands of running your business.

We’re not a consulting firm. We deliver measurable outcomes in client acquisition, expense reduction, and capital/cash flow.


We serve as your strategic top-line revenue partner, providing C-level access to large-scale prospects who fit your preferred profile.


As your strategic bottom-line partner, we identify infrastructure and capacity vulnerabilities and source vetted service partners.


We bring capital sources that understand your business and specialize in funding both the level and type of capital you require.

"William Mays has proven invaluable in helping me network with others with whom I have a common interest in our field. He is well connected with competent resources who are doing leading edge work in healthcare management and development."


David Loomis | President and CEO, The Health Group

“The ROR team is a must-have business partner due to their established and diverse relationships, financing resourcing, and integrity. We have collaborated in numerous endeavors to include credit tenant lease financing, land development for private hospital owners and modular wall systems, deferred compensation, senior living development, and resort development. William Mays' direct access to business principals and ability to advance a business idea makes him a valuable resource.”


Ken Ebeling | Chief Financial Officer, Fine Line Diversified Development

“Since my group hired William Mays in 2011, ROR has proven to be a valuable member of the team with their experience and expertise going far beyond what they originally asked to help us with. William Mays in an invaluable resource for literally all aspects of business and his contributions have helped us in ways we wouldn’t have imagined.”


Dr. Creighton Pickett | Anesthesiologist, Company Confidential

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